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How can I penetrate myself with an ideal in such a way that it becomes a health-giving seed of life that reaches into my body and my surroundings?

Moral ideals - Theoretical ideas
Stimulate the warmth organism (4) Cool the warmth organism
Generate light sources in the air organism (3) Inhibit light sources
Generate tone sources in the fluid organism (2) Deaden tone
Generate life embryos (etheric) in the solid organism (1) Extinguish life

(…) If a sad age dawned across the globe when millions and millions of people passed their days devoid of spirituality – in which I included morality, which is indeed part of it – the earth would however still shine out in solar, spiritual radiance if only a dozen people still possessed lucid moral and spiritual enthusiasm.

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Where can I inwardly explore to discover and develop the sources of my inner freedom and capacity for love?

Naturally, everything up to and including the warmth body is physical in nature. The ether body primarily engages with the fluid body, with everything in the organism that has a fluid-organizing action. The astral body engages with the air organism, and the I primarily engages with everything organized as warmth or temperature. These observations enable us to remain in the physical realm, in a sense, yet at the same time to ascend as far as the realm of spirit. (…)

Warmth exists externally and within the human organism, and the soul, the soul and spirit, can engage with our temperature organism, our differentiated bodily warmth, and thus mediate everything that we experience as our inner moral sense.  

Between birth and death, in a sense we don’t really have any thoughts other than those which life brings us. If our experience is rich, we have a rich thought content, and poor if our experience is impoverished. The content of our thoughts is in a sense our inner destiny. (…)

And precisely by increasingly strengthening the will in thinking, we prepare our capacity for moral imagination, as I called it in The Philosophy of Freedom. And this reaches up to the moral intuitions which pervade and imbue our will-become-thought, or thought-become-will. By this means we raise ourselves from physical, sensory imperatives, making what is intrinsically ours shine through us, and preparing ourselves for moral intuition; and on this depends our capacity to realize every impulse from the world of spirit that we are initially capable of realizing. (…)

And on the other hand, by imbuing our actions, our will nature, with thoughts, we develop what we accomplish in love. This detaches from us. You see, our actions don’t stay with us but become cosmic occurrence; and when they are filled with love then love accompanies them on their journey. (…)

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How to connect to Michael and Raphael? What do they inspire?

Michael Imagination

Springing from Powers of the Sun,
Radiant Spirit-powers, blessing all Worlds!
For Michael’s garment of rays
You are predestined by Thoughts Divine.

He, the Christ-messenger, reveals in you
Bearing mankind aloft, the sacred Will of Worlds.
You, the radiant Beings of Ether-Worlds,
Bear the Christ-Word to human beings.

Thus does the Harald of Christ appear
To the thirstily waiting souls,
To whom your Word of Light shines forth
In Spirit-Man’s time in the world.

You, the disciples of Spirit-Knowledge,
Take Michael’s wise beckoning,
Take the Word of Love of the Will of Worlds
Into your souls’ aspiring, actively!

By Rudolf Steiner. Translation adapted from:
Steiner, Verses and meditations, p. 93.



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