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What is Anthroposophic Medicine?

Anthroposophic Medicine places the human being at the centre. It includes the physical, life and functional, soul and spiritual dimension of the human being in diagnosis and in the resulting treatment plan. As an integrative system of medicine, it extends evidence-based medicine through various forms of therapy based on an anthroposophical understanding of the human being. These are, for example, eurythmy therapy and other movement and body therapies, art therapies, psychotherapy and biography work as well as specific medicinal products and external nursing treatments – such as Einreibung, compresses and wraps. Another integral aspect of Anthroposophic Medicine is the emphasis on the salutogenic approach.

Anthroposophic Medicine is applied in various disciplines, such as oncology, cardiology, paediatrics, neurology or psychiatry. It is currently practised in around sixty countries worldwide.  

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It is not a matter of being in opposition to the school of medicine that is working with the accepted scientific methods of the present time. We fully acknowledge its principles. […] We do, however, add further insights to such knowledge of the human being as is now available through accepted scientific methods. These are gained by different methods, and we therefore feel compelled to work for an extension of clinical medicine, based on these wider insights into the nature of the world and the human being.

Rudolf Steiner, Ita Wegman 1925 in: Extending Practical Medicine. Fundamental Principles based on the Science of the Spirit