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Festive event – 100 years of Anthroposophic Medicine

Festive event – 100 years of Anthroposophic Medicine

On Wednesday we will celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Anthroposophic Medicine with a festive event. The speakers include Prof Dr Giovanni Maio, Prof Dr Peter Selg, Dr Michaela Glöckler, Dr Matthias Girke and Georg Soldner. In addition we can look forward to artistic contributions, there will be a commemoration of the dead, as well as a terrace festival with the opportunity to meet other participants, particularly also the representatives of the International Coordination of Anthroposophic Medicine (IKAM). The festive event can be attended with all conference tickets (whole week, part 1 and part 2).

Afterwards the Eurythmy Stage at the Goetheanum will perform parts of its current program "Leuchtfäden". The evening will conclude with an in-depth exploration of the spiritual impulses of Anthroposophical Medicine by Dr. Matthias Girke and Georg Soldner.

Future forum – perspectives from North, South, East and West

The conference ends of Sunday 20 September with a forum on the future of Anthroposophic Medicine over the next 100 years. Four women – Merja Riijärvi (Finland), Iracema Benevides (Brazil), Vesna Forstneric (Slovenia) and Janice Balaskas (USA)–  will tell us about their perspectives, hopes and wishes for the future of the anthroposophical medical movement. The Foundation Stone Meditation performed by the Goetheanum Stage Ensemble will then worthily conclude the world conference.

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Exhibitions and supporting programme

Exhibitions – science, initiatives and art

- Poster exhibition on research and studies in Anthroposophic Medicine

Posters on current scientific work in Anthroposophic Medicine and thus all caring and therapeutic professions can be exhibited at the world conference. We would ask interested research institutes to prepare studies or alternatively an overview of the main research areas of the institute as posters. To submit a poster please send the abstract to

- Poster exhibitions on worldwide initiatives in Anthroposophic Medicine

In the „World Space“ on Sunday we want to give an overview of globally relevant initiatives, projects and petitions of Anthroposophic Medicine. In addition, young initiatives can exhibit their project with a poster. For the submission of a poster please send a message to until the 6th of September 2020.

- Art exhibition on the conference

From the art of healing through art therapy to the visual arts – this bridge, too, we wish to build. Art affects people, it can be health-giving but also make us ill. The bridge between medicine and art is to be made visible at the conference in the form of an exhibition which can be visited at the Goetheanum and for which there will be guided tours. It is divided into two parts. The first looks at the past, what is there already: 100 years of Anthroposophic Medicine, historical documents, picture material and objects. The second part will thematically follow the course of the conference. It will bring visibility, based on the Bridge lectures, to each day‘s theme and direct our eye from the present to the future.

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