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Conference Program

In 1920, Rudolf Steiner gave three lectures which were particularly recommended to young medics, and subsequently other therapeutic professions as well, to acquire the foundations of the anthroposophical understanding of the human being and the world. These three „bridge lectures“ form the basis of the arc spanning the content of the world conference on the hundredth anniversary of Anthroposophic Medicine.

Each day we will take up motifs and relate them to medical and therapeutic questions of the present. The conference thus follows a path from the four elements (Sunday) through the four ether types (Monday) and the human stages of consciousness (Tuesday) to the secret of enthusiasm (Wednesday). This opens up the reality of the three great ideals: freedom in confrontation with appearances (Thursday), love in confrontation with violence (Friday) and wisdom in the transformation of substance (Saturday).

Organisationally the conference is divided into two parts which can also be attended separately. A festive event with a terrace festival to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Anthroposophic Medicine will take place at their intersection on Wednesday.
The following overview shows the composition of the world conference week. Beneath the overview, the course of each day with its specific elements is presented.

Conference Programme
Stand: 03.09.2020

    The course of each day

    The course of each day is composed out of the following elements:

    Light blue thread - morning courses (8:00 a.m.): For all early risers who want to start the day together, a selection of courses is offered punctually at eight. Through movement, music, speech or meditation – there is something for everyone so that they can afterwards brightly attune themselves to the day‘s topic in the Große Saal. Registration for the optional courses is requested. An overview of all courses can be found here.

    Yellow thread - attunement of the day & keynote lectures (9:00 a.m.): In attunement to the day, a motif from the Bridge lectures will be introduced by the preparatory group in the Große Saal each day. Two keynote lectures will pick this up and relate it to the medical and therapeutic understanding of the human being or medical and therapeutic practice. All keynote speakers can be found here.

    Light red thread - groups for deepening and experiencing the lecture (11:15 a.m.): This is where the choice of deepening groups for the first half of the week can be found. In these workshops the motif for the day is deepened in art and movement therapies, nature and Goethean observation, experiential and experimental modes of work as well as text and dialogical forms of working. When registering, please select three groups specifying your preference. All the courses can be found here. Locations of the courses including maps will be distributed during check-in.

    Green thread - spaces for science, collaboration and health policy (2:45 p.m.): In the afternoon, our attention turns to topical questions and needs of current medicine and health policy. What globally relevant initiatives, projects and petitions are there currently? How do we develop collaboration between the individual health professions which is appropriate for our time, but also between various integrative medical approaches and systems? What does the future of a healthy outpatient or clinical facility look like and a health system fit for human beings? These units will take place in an open form as presentations, panel discussions and plenary discussions.

    Blue thread - specialist courses (4:45 p.m.): Methodical and therapeutic specialist courses address themselves to the methods of Anthroposophic Medicine as well as concrete diagnostic and therapeutic applications for everyday practice. They take up the current CARE topics of the Medical Section or have a specific professional orientation in line with the areas of the International Coordination of Anthroposophic Medicine (IKAM). Two different courses can be picked, if you are registering for the entire conference. Locations of the courses including maps will be distributed during check-in. All the courses can be found here.

    Lilac thread - evening contributions on spirituality and inner development (8:00 p.m.): In the evening, our work on consciousness turns inwards with the goal of enabling a connection between the conference content and our personal, professional or universally human path of training and development. It is intended to provide a counterpoint to the more externally oriented contributions throughout the day. Three possibilities in large groups are offered and once one has been chosen participants should stay with it since the content is conceived as a thematic arc which builds internally on what has gone before. The groups can be chosen at the conference.

    1. Meditation and inner development at work and in everyday life
    2. The human being in the human being – warmth meditation and pastoral medicine
    3. The human being as a being in the elemental world – class lesson and School work (DE/EN)

    Further details can be accessed here.

    Night Café (9:00 p.m.): In the evening between 21.00 and 23.00, a meeting space will be organised to which everyone is warmly invited for music and conversation.  In addition, everyone is warmly invited to bring their musical instrument along and let it sound out in the breaks during the conference or in the evening under the stars.