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Training and further training

The professional specialties of Anthroposophic Medicine offer a wide range of regional and international training and further training programmes. For the further training of anthroposophical physicians, pharmacists and nurses, the respective recognised specialist training is required which is then supplemented by further training in anthroposophic medicine, pharmacy or nursing. Corresponding rules also apply to therapists in the body therapies, art therapies and eurythmy therapy. In the fields of special needs education, eurythmy therapy, art therapies and social therapy, there are also state-recognised training and further training courses. 

In March 2023, the WHO Benchmarks for Training in Anthroposophic Medicine entered into force. The publication of these Benchmarks, drawn up by the Medical Section and the International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations (IVAA), reflects the current position of anthroposophical training courses and their requirements, which are being implemented worldwide.