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Anthroposophic Pharmacy

Would you enjoy enhancing your advisory skills in your pharmacy through a holistic image of the human being and integrating the medicines of the anthroposophic therapeutic approach into your range? Are you interested in what the actual “essence” of a substance is?

In ancient Greek essence and substance were still understood as one and the same thing, namely “ousia” (Greek: οὐσία). An understanding of substance which also includes the spiritual dimension leads to the investigation in a living way of the various forces acting in the human organism and the way they can be influenced through medicines which acquire their efficacy not only through their content but also the special rhythms and manufacturing processes, corresponding to the activities of the organs and their way of working. A diverse and stimulating advanced training awaits!

Pharmacy or pharmaceutics is a science which deals with the composition, effect, examination, manufacture and dispensing of medicines. In doing so, it includes aspects from other sciences, above all chemistry and biology.
Anthroposophic pharmacy sees itself as an extension of and supplement to these natural scientific disciplines through Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy. This not only produces a multi-dimensional view of the human being and the realms of nature but it also leads to special requirements with regard to the quality of the raw materials for medicines and their processing into pharmaceutical source materials as well as special manufacturing processes for the medicines.
Training opportunities are available in various countries at universities of applied sciences or in companies manufacturing anthroposophic medicines.