International Coordination
Anthroposophic Medicine
School of Spiritual Science
Medical Section at the Goetheanum

Calendar of Events


27 April & 25 May, 2024



Two-part webinar Anthroposophic Arts therapies

The heart awakens

Deepen, research, exchange

27 April and 25 May, webinar starts at 2 pm (CET) each day 

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from May 29, 2024 

The dignity of the Child - International Congress
for Pregnancy, Birth and Early Childhood
"Life forces"

29 May to 1 June 2024, at the Goetheanum

June 1, 2024



Online Webinar "The dignity of the child"

"Life forces"

June 1, 5pm (CET) / Plenary language English, without translation

29 May to 1 June 2024, at the Goetheanum

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from Sept 7, 2024



Teach The Teachers   
"How can we bring an Understanding of Karma to Today’s New Learners?"   

A conference for those who teach about therapeutic, nursing, or medical work

7-9 September, 2024 am Goetheanum, Conference language English!

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from Sept 7, 2024



First Class Conference for Professionals who work Psychotherapeutically 
"Becoming a True Human Being"

September 7-10, 2024, at the Goetheanum

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from Sept 10, 2024



Save the date ! 
Annual Conference 2024 of the Medical Section

September 10-15, 2024 at the Goetheanum

more information coming soon


from Oct 26, 2024

International further training for school and kindergarten doctors
"The therapeutic tools of Waldorf education for childrend's distress and parents' worries"

26 - 29 October 2024 at the Goetheanum

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from Sept 9, 2025



Save the date ! 
Annual Conference 2025 of the Medical Section

September 9-14, 2025 at the Goetheanum


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