International Coordination
Anthroposophic Medicine
School of Spiritual Science
Medical Section at the Goetheanum

Welcome to the International Annual Conference of the Medical Section
at the Goetheanum
September 12-17, 2023

Body and I
The Immune Systeme and Autoimmune Disease

This year, again, the conference has three parts. In seven specialist conferences – for medicine and pharmacy, midwifery, eurythmy therapy, body therapy, nursing, psychotherapy and den-tistry – the professional groups will work on their own topics. The focus of the conference on spiritual deepening will be the 11th class lesson, which will look at the structure of the body and the temple motif from an esoteric perspective, work on the Foundation Stone Meditation and on the Gospels. The multiprofessional conference will focus on the conference topic with speakers from over 15 countries worldwide. The develop-ment and pathology of the immune system will be presented with regard to the joint therapeutic activity on the patient, and there will be an ex-change of therapeutic experiences between the professional groups.

Goetheanum TV to broadcast 10 lectures of the Annual Conference via Livestream Video

We are very pleased to announce that for the first time at the 2023 Annual Conference, we will be able to allow people around the world to participate in 10 lectures via live stream. This meets a frequently expressed wish of many members of our community who are unable to attend our annual conference in person.

Access to the live broadcast and later to the recording of the lectures can be purchased directly at Goetheanum-TV via this LINK.

Entire Programme

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Spiritual Deepening
Multiprofessional Conference - 6,5 Credits VAOAS
Starting the day (8.15 - 9.00 am)

As in previous years, we will start the day with Artistic and Meditative Prelude. The wide range of activities comprises Bothmer® Gymnastics, Eurythmy, Loheland gymnastics, Meditation, Singing in the west staircase and Spacial Dynamics®.

Guided tours in and around the Goetheanum during the Annual Conference

This year again, participants will have the opportunity to take part in guided tours on a variety of topics and in several languages. The exhibition room of the Representative of Humanity as well as the Rudolf Steiner Atelier and the model of the 1st Goetheanum will be open to the public in addition to the normal opening hours.   
> see the details of the guided tours and extra opening hours

Scientific Poster Presentation

There will again be a scientific poster presentationduring the Annual Conference. The research projects will be displayed in the exhibition floor of the Goetheanum throughout the conference week. The times for the moderated poster presentations, in which the authors will present their research results, can be found here.