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Anthroposophic Body Therapies

What is the remit of the Coordination of Anthroposophic Body Therapies? 

The Coordination of Anthroposophic Body Therapies supports and promotes international co-operation between all body therapists who work on an anthroposophical basis. At association level, the Coordination networks the International Association for Anthroposophic Body Therapies (IAABT) with the International Federation of Anthroposophic Therapies (IFAT), among others. It is also responsible for the IKAM accreditation process in the field of body therapies, which includes individual certification, accreditation of training courses and recognition of body therapy methods. In addition, training courses and specialist conferences are organised and regular online discussion forums are held. The aim of the Coordination is to develop effective, innovative and sustainable concepts for cooperation between body therapists and to provide support for individual colleagues. It also endeavours to respond to the requirements of body therapists worldwide with its activities. 

How is the Coordination organised?

As international coordinator for body therapies, Elma Pressel initiates a large part of the activities. She is supported by co-coordinator Gudrun Rehberg. Both are on the board of the International Association for Anthroposophic Body Therapies (IAABT), Elma Pressel is also on the board of the International Federation of Anthroposophic Therapies (IFAT). At the IAABT and IFAT meetings, the reports from the Coordination’s work are discussed and, if necessary, working groups are formed for individual projects. At least one coordinator is always present at the IKAM conferences.

What does the Coordination of Body Therapies do?

The Coordination is faced with the special task of working simultaneously for different professional groups, methods and procedures: physiotherapy, classic massage and occupational therapy, as well as other body therapy professional groups. In Anthroposophic Medicine, there are a variety of methods and procedures from the areas of therapeutic touch, movement therapy and balneotherapy.

The coordinators meet weekly online as well as in person during the international annual conference of the Medical Section in September and in advance of the retreat of all IKAM coordinators in January of each year.

The tasks of the Coordination also include the organisation of specialist conferences for body therapy and a perspectives conference, which take place every two years on an alternating basis.

In addition, the Coordination promotes high quality standards in training and further training and provides the documentation for the accreditation processes, which are evaluated annually.

As an administrative office, the Coordination is responsible for accreditation in body therapy, organises the communication between body therapists, and promotes a critical dialogue within the methods of Anthroposophic Medicine.


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