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Therapeutic Eurythmy

Training as a eurythmy therapist with accreditation by the Section is based on the accredited eurythmy training (Bachelor). This four-year basic training teaches a knowledge of the fundamental eurythmy elements as an art form and for teaching on the basis of the anthroposophical science of the spirit. Anatomy and physiology of the healthy human being are a part of the basic training on which the one-and-a-half year eurythmy therapist training builds.

Anthroposophic Medicine

Requirements for the eurythmy therapy training:

  • conclusion of an accredited eurythmy training
  • knowledge of the basic works on eurythmy
  • knowledge of the anthroposophic image of the human being
  • basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology

Conditions for acceptance on eurythmy therapy training:

  • good health to attend the course and to practice eurythmy therapy
  • therapeutic drive
  • sufficient knowledge of the teaching language
  • concluded nursing practice placement

All eurythmy training centres are autonomous and design their curricula on the basis of the jointly drawn up and adopted curriculum of the International Trainer Council on their own responsibility.
The International Trainer Council sees it as its responsibility to develop the methodological and practical bases of eurythmy therapy training together with the Medical Section at the Goetheanum/Switzerland and to assure the quality of training.
The Council consists of lecturers (eurythmy therapists and physicians) from training courses accredited by the Medical Section.
It is the task and aim of the Council to agree on the general qualification requirements and to implement jointly developed criteria – while maintaining the character and individual emphasis of each training. Basic principles, issues, questions and concerns on the further development of the training courses are discussed and more general perspectives on curricula, teaching methodology and mutual support are worked on.
The Trainer Council is the discussion and decision-making organ for all eurythmy therapy training courses accredited by the Section.
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