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Therapeutic Art

Anthroposophic art therapies are an important integral part of anthroposophic medicine. They are based on trained holistic perception and treatment of the person by artistic methods and processes which respect the individual and are founded in a therapeutic relationship.

The healing effect of active artistic creation is possible because laws come into play in artistic activity which are also found and can be perceived in human beings, for example as regenerative or degenerative, hardening or loosening, stimulating or calming, figurative or listening elements. And as are also found in pathological processes in a one-sided way.

Patients are supported and encouraged by the therapy actively to intervene in the pathological process themselves in a creative way and to open up for themselves their healing resources. This way of working creatively on one’s own destiny through the challenge of the illness is a central motif during the course of art therapy as the basis for healing. Through knowledge of the anthroposophical understanding of the human being, art therapy can be used to affect the physical, vital physiological, mental and spiritual functions.

The foundations of anthroposophic art therapy have been developed since 1921 to the present day and continue to be developed in the context of anthroposophic medicine, curative education and social therapy.
It is used in collaboration with physicians in out-patient and in-patient treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of acute and chronic physical, psychosomatic and psychiatric illnesses, developmental disorders, and in biographical crises, including art therapy in intensive and palliative medicine.

Anthroposophic art therapy comprises the fields of painting, music, sculpture and creative speech with the various effects of their different artistic means and processes. The basis for training as an anthroposophical art therapist is a training in the respective art forms on the basis of a study of the human being, artistic activity, as well as the required knowledge in the field of salutogenesis and pathogenesis.
Anthroposophic art therapy is offered worldwide as basic and advanced full-time and part-time training. The training institutes work together with the Medical Section at the Goetheanum (Dornach, CH).

For further information on the specialist areas of art therapy, on training or advanced training opportunities, on quality development through the professional associations, as well as on research projects and literature, please visit the website of the International Coordination of Anthroposophic Art Therapies at