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Anthroposophic Nursing

Training in anthroposophic nursing is aimed at people of all ages and nationalities with a wide range of previous experience who wish to take up this profession also as an opportunity for their personal development. It not only assumes a certain degree of openness, willingness to learn, flexibility, social skills and enthusiasm for work but also communicate these in the course of the diverse range of courses on offer.

In anthroposophic medicine, nursing of children, the elderly or ill persons, or persons with disabilities is a firm part of therapy. Nursing forms the social envelope and creates the conditions in day-to-day life for health to be maintained and for the therapy to be able to work. Hence good collaboration between everyone in direct contact with the patient – professional or private – is deemed to be important.

Special characteristics of anthroposophic nursing are:

  • Holistic integrative image of the human being (main guide) Guidance of the nursing activities by the recovery and healing processes as well as the individual developmental needs of the patient (assessment).
  • Use of wraps, compresses, baths and embrocations to strengthen the self-healing forces as well as taking into account biological and soul and spiritual rhythms in nursing (intervention).
  • Commitment by nursing staff to ongoing professional and personal development.

There is state-accredited training in several countries at anthroposophic nursing schools as well as in anthroposophic hospitals and homes.

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