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Aus- und Weiterbildung – Anthroposophische Medizin


The advanced training to become an anthroposophic physician is based on the regular medical training as well as subsequent qualification as a specialist.

The course-related advanced training at the Goetheanum comprises the Goethean observational method for diagnosis, therapy and knowledge of medicines alongside acquiring the basics of anthroposophy, as well as courses in eurythmy therapy, artistic therapies and many different suggestions for independent study and meditative work. On request, we also provide advice with regard to academic work and doctoral studies in the field of anthroposophic medicine.

The Medical Study Course takes place twice a year for one week at the Goetheanum during the university holidays. Medical students and physicians who have been registered no more than a year are invited.
Direction:  Dr. med. Felix Bauer, Dr. med. Christoph Kaufmann, Dr. med. Wolfgang Rissmann, Dr. med. Lukas Schöb.

The International Postgraduate Medical Training takes place in the form of one-week intensive courses at 13 locations in different parts of the world. This advanced training comprises instruction for independent working, responds both to the needs of beginners and advanced students and has a mentoring programme which concludes with the acquisition of the international certificate as an anthroposophic physician.
Direction: Dr. med. Michaela Glöckler, Stefan Langhammer

There are additional training and advanced training centres in Germany, Switzerland, France and Britain offering four aspects:

A. Familiarisation events
B. Intensive courses and mentored advanced training
C. Specialist medical courses (subject-specific)
D. “Learning Community”  events:  further development of anthroposophic medicine in specialist discussions.