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Curative Education

Are you interested in working with children, young people and adults with disabilities?
Do you wish to train in a profession.

Anthroposophic Medicine
  • offering scope for working with children, young people and adults,
  • in which initiative is asked,
  • which presents challenges,
  • which brings pleasure through the encounter with other people and their special qualities
  • and which keeps you on your toes?

A profession for people who wish to help others and keep developing themselves!
Training in the field of curative education and social therapy based on anthroposophy can be undertaken in many countries. Depending on the country where the training is undertaken, it leads to a variety of occupational titles: in Germany it is “Heilpädagoge” or “Heilerziehungspfleger”, in Switzerland “Heilpädagoge” or “Sozialpädagoge”, and other titles in other countries.
Common to all such training is the “triple method”, the combination of knowledge, practice and art, because the training is seen as a path to

  • acquiring understanding for the child, the young person or adult
  • offering him or her what he or she needs and
  • acting creatively in each situation

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