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61. Veterinary Medicine  
International Coordination of Anthroposophic Veterinary Medicine The International Coordination of Anthroposophic Veterinary Medicine was established within the International Coordination of…  
62. Therapies  
Therapies Anthroposophic body therapy The human body forms the basis of all individual soul and spiritual experience.The various methods of anthroposophic body therapy work on the basis of the…  
63. Care  
Care International Forum for Anthroposophic Nursing/IFAP Guiding principle The International Forum for Anthroposophic Nursing is a worldwide association of nurses working in all specialist…  
64. Physicians  
Physicians The advanced training to become an anthroposophic physician is based on the regular medical training as well as subsequent qualification as a specialist. [DL] Learn more about…  
65. Therapeutic Art  
Therapeutic Art Anthroposophic art therapies are an important integral part of anthroposophic medicine. They are based on trained holistic perception and treatment of the person by artistic methods…  
66. Fremdsprachige Texte und Übersetzungen  
Fremdsprachige Texte und Übersetzungen ¿Cómo podemos promover la salud? Cómo lidiar con la pandemia de Covid en escuelas y jardines de infancia La pandemia de corona virus nos presenta nu-evos…  
67. Events & Conferences  
Calendar Medical Section 2021  
68. Germany  
Germany Akademie Anthroposophische Medizin GAÄD Sekretariat: Dr. phil. Gregor Neunert Herzog-Heinrich-Straße 18 80336 München E-Mail:  
69. France  
France Institut de Formation en Médecine Anthroposophique (IFEMA) IFEMA – Secrétariat Véronique Nguyen BP 62102 68059 MULHOUSE CEDEX 2 Tel.: +33 67 26 03 97 E-Mail : …  
70. Italy  
Italy Società Italiana di Medicina Antroposofica/SIMA via Privata Vasto, 4 20121 MILANO E-Mail:  
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