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1. Alternative practitioners  
Alternative practitioners This page is under construction.  
2. Curative pedagogy  
Curative pedagogy This page is under construction.  
3. Midwives  
Midwives This page is under construction.  
4. Psychotherapy  
Psychotherapy This page is under construction.  
5. Homepage  
Covid-19 Current information during the Corona pandemic read more Anthroposophic Medicine Medical Section Research 100 Years AM Training and continued training CARE Areas Freie Hochschule…  
6. Obstetrics  
The pregnancy period, when risk benefit analyses are particularly complex, poses specific questions in medical care. At the same time that a woman’s physiology and metabolism change in the course…  
7. Nursing  
Anthroposophic Nursing (AN) is an integrative, holistic nursing approach based on the principles of Anthroposophic Medicine created by the physician Dr. Ita Wegman, and based on the philosophic…  
8. Arts Therapies  
Harald Gruber, Dietrich von Bonin, Viola Heckel Anthroposophic Arts Therapies (AAT) have been developed in the context of Anthroposophic Medicine (AM) since the 1920s. They consist of visual,…  
9. Eurythmy Therapy  
Eurythmy therapy, a mindfulness-oriented movement therapy in Anthroposophic Medicine (AM) which was introduced by Rudolf Steiner in 1912, focuses on the relationship between life forces, the…  
10. Dermatology  
Anthroposophic Research in Dermatology Anthroposophic research in dermatology is mainly dedicated to the investigation of beneficial effects of plant extracts on the skin. There are many hints of…  
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