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International Research Council

In September 2002, the International Research Council was constituted at the annual conference of the anthroposophic medical movement. It is the purpose of this body to assure and fund high quality anthroposophic medical research. Such research funding comes from donations by individual persons, foundations and businesses. One important concern is the funding of research cooperation through improvements in the communication and information structures. The initial concrete aim in this respect is the creation of an overview of existing research projects and publications at an international level which is as comprehensive as possible.
The Research Council consists of an Advisory Board and a managing Executive Board. The Executive Board consists of six members, meets two to three times per year and communicates regularly by email and telephone. The members of the Executive and Advisory Boards meet once per year during the international annual conference in Dornach.

The Advisory Board currently has 55 members who as people in positions of responsibility are available for anthroposophic medical research questions as contacts in their countries, regions, research institutes or research areas, clinics and anthroposophic medicine producers. This body is responsible for the general direction of the work of the Research Council and for electing the Executive Board.

At the annual meeting of the Research Council the Executive Board reports on the activities of the last year and future activities and discusses fundamental questions with the Advisory Board. The members of the Advisory Board in turn keep up to date on the research work and publications in their countries, institutes, etc. and thus assist in questions of research cooperation.