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Medical Work

[Translate to English:] IKAM Arbeitsfeld Ärztearbeit

International Coordination of Physician Training

Many training opportunities in Anthroposophic Medicine for physicians have emerged in around 30 countries in recent years. They vary greatly in terms of their form, curricula, time requirements and the number of participants. We monitor the activities of the individual training programmes, work to raise quality and mutual exchange, and we are preparing shared curricula and guidelines to enable mutual recognition.

How are we organized?

Jan Feldmann (Germany) serves as the coordinator. The central committee for the planning and implementation of all of our activities is a group of instructors that meets at least once a year during the annual conference of the Medical Section. Members of this group in various constellations also work on various projects during the year. These efforts are carried out in close collaboration with the Section leadership (Georg Soldner).

What actions are we pursuing?

Every year since 2014 there has been an interprofessional Teach-the-Teachers conference with the aim of enhancing our mutual perception, improving the quality of our teaching and programmes, and developing a common language, especially for interprofessional collaboration.

An interprofessional website is under development that is essentially a manual arising from the conferences. The site offers relevant tried and tested documents on didactics, method and specific training topics, making them available to all instructors as a basis for discussion and new ideas.

While acknowledging the variety of trainings offered, we are pursuing the important project of developing joint guidelines for accreditation, including a core curriculum, in order to promote mutual recognition and quality.

Coordination and Contact

Dr. med. Jan Feldmann
International Coordination
Anthroposophische Ärzteausbildung