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Medical Section at the Goetheanum

Medical Work

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Conference of Councils of Anthroposophic Medical Associations

Since 1989 the members of the executive councils of the medical associ- ations existing worldwide have been invited to meet at the Goetheanum once a year to discuss common questions, tasks and the future outlook:

  • Mutual awareness between anthroposophic physicians worldwide
  • Meetings between physicians and the international coordinators in IKAM
  • Top work priorities and development of the anthroposophic-medical movement
  • Promoting the development of physicians' associations in Anthroposophic Medicine
  • Where do we see a need for innovation and new possibilities for shaping our collaboration?
  • Discuss and decide on matters of training and certification
  • Discuss questions of research
  • How is Anthroposophic Medicine seen by the general public?
  • How can we move toward spiritual community building in our collaboration?
  • How can the necessary translation work be financially supported so that the most important primary and secondary anthroposophic medical literature is available worldwide?
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Coordination and Contact

Dr. med. Matthias Girke
Head of the Medical Section

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Georg Soldner
Head of the Medical Section deputy