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Welcome to the International Annual Conference of the Medical Section
at the Goetheanum
September 10-15, 2024

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Therapeutic Intuition 

Perception and reality in diagnosis and therapy 

What does it feel like to reunite with someone you haven’t seen for some time? How was it to finally meet in person, after a long period of separation (or strictly “virtual” communication), as corona restrictions eased? For many, the experience of coming together brought joy, warmth, richness, life and vibrancy. Sometimes we did not completely know what we were missing until it could be experienced once again. Yet, the challenge of limited connection and perception are not gone. They are actually increasing and accelerating, part of a process that has been growing with a one-sided reliance on a materialistic form of medicine. 

The movement towards a strong reliance on “representations” of our humanity is also growing dramatically—whether through lab testing, imaging studies, genetic screens, electronic records, telehealth consulting or artificial intelligence. The speed and complexity of these developments, which almost stretch beyond human comprehension, frequently lead to the elimination of human encounter as a central part of the healing process.  

The insights of anthroposophic medicine bring vital insights to the process of encounter, to the building of our capacities for therapeutic intuition. This includes recognition of the ways karma leads us into relationship with each other, and the potent space for physical and spiritual development that unfolds in that unique place. This weaving is part of all of our encounters, whether with patients, with colleagues and community, with the natural and spiritual worlds. 

The 2024 international conference of the medical section will focus on central questions: “How can we perceive what is true?” and “What does spiritual science specifically bring to the art of healing in today’s world?” These questions will be approached by many voices and perspectives during the conference, through specialist meetings, spiritual deepening, multi-professional working groups, lectures, case presentations and workshop discussions. 

We will also celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the founding of the Medical Section, alongside special contributions to mark the anniversaries of the Course for Young Doctors, the Curative Education Course and – as Rudolf Steiner's last and most forward-looking act for the medical movement – the Pastoral Medicine Course. 

We hope, in community, to perceive how anthroposophic medicine brings crucial contributions to the comprehensive challenges of our time, as well as inspiring power for the future. 

The Leadership Team of the Medical Section 

Adam Blanning, Marion Debus, Karin Michael