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Calendar of Events 2023

from Oct 11, 2023


International specialist conference 2023 on Anthroposophic therapeutic Speech and Drama

Speaking from warmth - The immune system as embodied authenticity

October 11-14, 2023 at the Goetheanum

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from Oct 15, 2023

IPMT Tuluá, Columbia - Course languages Spanish/German

International Postgraduate Medical Training

October 15-22, 2023  

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from Oct 21, 2023


International further training for school and kindergarden doctors

The formation of and search for identity in the first three seven-year periods

October 21-24, 2023 at the Goetheanum

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from Jan 3, 2024



100 years Course for Young Doctors

How do I find the Good?

January 3-7, 2024 at the Goetheanum

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from Jan 3, 2024



Online event

How do I find the Good?

100 years Course for Young Doctors, online event from 3-7 January 2024

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from Jan 11, 2024



24th International Study Days for Anthroposophic Arts Therapies

The heart awakens

The etheric forces of the heart in the therapeutic encounter

January 11-14, 2024 at the Goetheanum

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from May 29, 2024



The dignity of the Child

Life forces

International Congress for Pregnancy, Birth and Early Childhood

29 May to 1 June 2024, at the Goetheanum

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