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International Coordination of Anthroposophic Medicines / IMKA

International Coordination of Anthroposophic Medicines (IMKA)

IMKA internationally coordinates anthroposophic physicians with regard to their requirements for anthroposophic medicines for their patients.

The main task of IMKA is to take up, as physicians, transnational questions and problems concerning anthroposophic medicinal products, to enter into dialogue with the manufacturers and, if necessary, to mediate between the parties. Andreas Arendt (Schweiz) is the IMKA coordinator. He works together with colleagues and IMKA members Laura Borghi (Italy), Reinhard Schwarz (Austria), Astrid Sterner (Germany) and Georg Soldner. Depending on the task at hand, additional colleagues are consulted. Last year IMKA members met again with WALA, Weleda and, for the first time, with the three largest mistletoe manufacturers Abnoba, Helixor and Iscador AG. The main topics were questions of medication availability, product range changes and research projects.

Anthroposophic Medicine

Coordination und Contact

Dr. med. Andreas Arendt
General practitioner