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Anthroposophic Medicine

Conference of Councils of Anthroposophic Medical Associations

Since 1989 the members of the executive councils of the medical associ- ations existing worldwide have been invited to meet at the Goetheanum once a year to discuss common questions, tasks and the future outlook:

Mutual awareness between anthroposophic physicians worldwide
Meetings between physicians and the international coordinators in IKAM
Top work priorities and development of the anthroposophic-medical movement
Promoting the development of physicians' associations in Anthroposophic Medicine
Where do we see a need for innovation and new possibilities for shaping our collaboration?
Discuss and decide on matters of training and certification
Discuss questions of research
How is Anthroposophic Medicine seen by the general public?
How can we move toward spiritual community building in our collaboration?
How can the necessary translation work be financially supported so that the most important primary and secondary anthroposophic medical literature is available worldwide?

Matthias Girke

Coordination and Contact

Dr. med. Matthias Girke
Head of the Medical Section

Georg Soldner

Georg Soldner
Head of the Medical Section deputy