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International Coordination of Anthroposophic Medicine/IKAM

IKAM is the association of internationally active coordinators and people in positions of responsibility within the anthroposohic-medical movement.

IKAM’s mode of work

IKAM is an internationally active affiliation of coordinators and representatives of the anthroposophic medical movement. The following are currently involved:

Matthias Girke, Georg Soldner: Overall coordination
Laura Borghi: Conference of the executive councils of anthroposophic medical associations
Stefan Langhammer: International Postgraduate Medical Training/IPMT
Andreas Arendt: Internationale  Coordination of Anthroposophic Medicines/IMKA
Manfred Kohlhase: International Association of Anthroposophic Pharmacists/IAAP
Jan Feldmann: International Coordination of Doctors Training
Marion Debus: Coordination of specialist doctors. Site in progress!
Matthias Girke: Koordination Anthromedics
Helmut Kiene, Hunger Kienle: Internationaler Research Council
Andreas Jäschke: Coordination Clinics
Roland Bersdorf: Anthromed
Elma Pressel: Coordination Anthroposophic Body Therapy page under construction
Aglaja Graf: Eurythmy Therapy
Kirstin Kaiser: International Coordination Therapeutic Art
Hartmut Horn: International Coordination Psychotherapy
Rolf Heine: International Forum for Anthroposophic Care
Petra Kühne: Nutrition. Site in progress!
Jan Göschel: International Conference for Curative Education and Social Therapy
Sabine Ringer: International Coordination of Age Culture and Elderly Care
René de Winter and Stefan Schmidt-Troschke: Patient Organisations and European Patient's Federation for Anthroposophic Medicine/EFPAM
Alexander Schadow: International Coordination of Non-medical Practitioners. Site in progress!
Anna Sophia Werthmann and Tanja Geib: International Young Physicians’ Forum