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International Coordination of Anthroposophic Medicine/IKAM

International Coordination – Anthroposophic Medicine

IKAM is the association of internationally active coordinators and people in positions of responsibility within the anthroposohic-medical movement.

IKAM’s mode of work

IKAM is an internationally active affiliation of coordinators and representatives of the anthroposophic medical movement. The following are currently involved:

Matthias Girke, Georg Soldner: Overall coordination
Laura Borghi: Conference of the executive councils of anthroposophic medical associations
Stefan Langhammer: International Postgraduate Medical Training/IPMT
Andreas Arendt: Internationale  Coordination of Anthroposophic Medicines/IMKA
Manfred Kohlhase: International Association of Anthroposophic Pharmacists/IAAP
Jan Feldmann: International Coordination of Doctors Training
Marion Debus: Coordination of specialist doctors. Site in progress!
Matthias Girke: Koordination Anthromedics
Helmut Kiene, Hunger Kienle: Internationaler Research Council
Andreas Jäschke: Coordination Clinics
Roland Bersdorf: Anthromed
Elma Pressel: Coordination Anthroposophic Body Therapy page under construction
Aglaja Graf: Eurythmy Therapy
Kirstin Kaiser: International Coordination Therapeutic Art
Hartmut Horn: International Coordination Psychotherapy
Rolf Heine: International Forum for Anthroposophic Care
Petra Kühne: Nutrition. Site in progress!
Jan Göschel: International Conference for Curative Education and Social Therapy
Sabine Ringer: International Coordination of Age Culture and Elderly Care
René de Winter and Stefan Schmidt-Troschke: Patient Organisations and European Patient's Federation for Anthroposophic Medicine/EFPAM
Alexander Schadow: International Coordination of Non-medical Practitioners. Site in progress!
Anna Sophia Werthmann and Tanja Geib: International Young Physicians’ Forum

Each IKAM staff member has authority to make decisions on the basis of the tasks he undertakes within the anthroposophic medical movement. Decisions taken jointly by IKAM on behalf of the whole movement only require additional ratification where there exist institutions and democratically elected organs of the anthroposophic medical movement in the relevant sphere of work. IKAM thus makes it possible to act swiftly and flexibly, to collaborate unbureaucratically and in direct response to actual needs, to develop initiatives and to exchange information and experiences in a reliable manner.

Alongside work-related daily correspondence, IKAM News also appears every two months and contains current news and information from the various domains of activity and initiatives. The main points are
also published in the Newsletter of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, circulated to those working in the anthroposophic medical movement. This supports the development of a common awareness and thus of shared responsibility amongst the international medical community.