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Crossing Bridges – Being Human
on our way to the conference


The annual conference has already become – prior to its start – an essential part of our lives and we are looking forward to this festival week!

Over time, we will collect names, photos and stories from our preparatory group and post it on this page.

on the way to the conference
on the way to the conference

Preparatory Group

We are a group of about 30 people which has been organizing the world conference “Crossing Bridges – Being Human” / “The Human Being Is a Bridge” together with the Medical Section at the Goetheanum since 2017. We have already been practicing “building bridges” during the preparation:
♦ Our young team is composed of people who are still completing their studies, people who have already gained work experience and others who are actually teaching in institutions.
♦ We also combine the backgrounds of various professions: we are doctors, art and movement therapists, eurythmy therapists and biochemists – all of us are contributing our ideas and energy to make the conference happen.
♦ We would like to build bridges over the oceans and to engage people from outside of Europe in our preparatory team. We are happy about anyone who wants to be involved in the preparation from other regions of the world!

collecting ideas
Preparatory Group 2018
at the the threshold
colorful and wonderful
ideas can become deeds