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CARE Areas to focus the work of the Medical Section

Interprofessional collaboration is an essential focus of our work in the Medical Section. We are jointly developing concepts for research and training, publicity work and discussion in five specific areas chosen from the challenges currently facing patient care today, where we believe that Anthroposophic Medicine can provide answers.


Our work on these five CARE areas will stretch over several years and will focus on an interprofessional, integrative approach to both prevention and therapy, while aiming for fruitful collaboration with the professional associations involved.

CARE Areas in Anthroposophic Medicine:

CARE I: Pregnancy, birth and early childhood. Living with disabilities

CARE II: The treatment of fevers and febrile infections in view of the resistance to antibiotics (respiratory ailments, urinary tract infections)

CARE III: Sleep disturbances, common forms of anxiety and depression, post-traumatic stress disorders

CARE IV: Oncology

CARE V: Palliative care, pain therapy, the accompaniment of dying patients

The focus will be on a multiprofessional integrative approach to prevention and therapy in Anthroposophic Medicine. Cooperation with the appropriate specialist associations will be sought.