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Anthroposophic Medicine Statement on Vaccination

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Anthromedics "Praxis" is online since 20 October 2018

Course for Practitioners in Mistletoe Therapy

Anthroposophic Medicine takes part in humanitarian task force after a dam break in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

On 20 October, the "Anthromedics" portal of Anthroposophic Medicine has been published in its first form of development.

The workof the five CARE groups, in which collaboration is interdisciplinary and international, has produced contributions which can now be used publicly (open access) by all those interested in practical application. There are both contributions intended for colleagues working in medicine in all the healing professions and contributions which are specifically intended for patients and parents or which can be used in this context. We thank all those involved in the various professional groups very warmly for their intensive work which was undertaken with great commitment.

The work on the CARE subject areas continues. In the period to 2020 further contributions on the practice of Anthroposophic Medicine will be published. We are pleased that a scientific advisory board, which includes lecturers from a number of universities, has agreed to advise on this work.