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A 3-year Training Course for doctors and medical students

We are very pleased that a new English-language medical training is set to start next year. The English Training in Anthroposophic Medicine will have 9 one-week modules over 3 years. The course will be based mainly at Emerson College in England, but there will also be training modules at various anthroposophic clinics in Germany and Switzerland. Training periods at the Goetheanum are also planned. All English-speaking physicians and medical students from anywhere in the world who are interested in Anthroposophic Medicine are invited. It is thus also a great opportunity for doctors in European countries which currently have no independent anthroposophic physician training available. In addition to the 9 modules, the new training will include webinars and mentoring, and will enable participants to obtain certification as an Anthroposophic Physician.

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Anthroposophic Medicine - by people for people

Anthroposophic Medicine is an integrative system that improves health outcomes. This includes physical, psychological and social health of the patient. It places a high value on the doctor-patient relationship. Anthroposophic Medicine combines conventional medicine with special therapies and medicine.

26th East European conference

“Nutrition and Man. Man shall not live by bread alone.”

For doctors, Waldorf teachers, pre-school teachers, farmers, parents, and all interested persons

30 July-4 August 2019
Rencēni, Burtnieki region, Latvia

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Anthroposophic Medicine Statement on Vaccination

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International Early Childhood Conference on Pregnancy, Birth and Early Childhood

June 10 to 13, 2020 at the Goetheanum

In the womb, during birth and during the first three years of life, human beings are very sensitive. Everything experienced leaves a formative impression right down to the physical. At the same time, the child is filled with an impulse to develop and explore the world. More and more people today in the course of their biographies are becoming aware of how they were influenced by early childhood situations or deficits in their development. Here lies a great individual and social responsibility.

Every child needs empathetic caregivers who offer him an appropriate protective environment for his physical body, life forces, soul and spirit, who can help him overcome his fears and create space for joy and play. Only through a rhythm of attachment and autonomy can children develop in a healthy way.

At this conference we want to develop ideas together, exchange practical experiences and strengthen the impulse for ensuring the dignity of young children.

The conference speakers are currently planned to include Georg Soldner, Katherine Scharff, Lakshmi Prasanna, Michaela Glöckler, Claudia Grah-Wittich, Natalie Hurst and Jan Vagedes.

We are happy to welcome anyone who wants to work with us on these topics and cordially invite early childhood educators, doctors, nurses, midwives and therapists, as well as anyone interested, to the Goetheanum in Dornach.

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