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Evening contributions on spirituality

Evening contributions on spirituality and inner development are divided into three main areas. When checking in at the conference, one of the three main areas can be selected. The main area number 3. - class lesson and School work - is intended for members of the School of Spiritual Science (blue membershio card required).

1. Meditation and inner development at work and in everyday life

Monday: Introduction to questions on the inner path of development
Prof Dr David Martin & Dr Silke Schwarz (DE/EN)

Tuesday: Mantras and meditations for various professional groups
Elma Pressel, Esther Böttcher und Hana Adamcova DE (translation into EN/IT/FR/ES/RU)

Thursday: Meditations for patients from Rudolf Steiner
Prof Dr Peter Selg DE (translation into EN/IT/FR/ES/RU)

Friday: The bridge to the dead – the human being at the threshold
Eva Batschko, Hana Adamcová, Erdmuthe Worel DE (translation into EN/IT/FR/ES/RU)

2. The human being in the human being – warmth meditation and pastoral medicine

Monday: Introduction to the warmth meditation
Dr Michaela Glöckler DE (translation into EN/IT/FR/ES/RU)

Tuesday: Practical deepening of the warmth meditation in small groups
Preparatory group (work in small groups)

Thursday: What is Christian medicine?
Georg Soldner (DE/EN)

Friday: The pastoral medical mantra
Dr Christian Schikarski & Cristóbal Ortín (DE/EN)

3. The human being as a being in the elemental world – class lesson and School work (DE/EN)

For members of the School of Spiritual Science. Please bring your blue card. For questions about or interest in membership of the School of Spiritual Science we are happy to help at to find the right contact person.

Monday: Sixth and ninth class lesson (freely rendered)
Dr Mathias Sauer DE, Bart Vanmechelen EN

Tuesday: School work on the sixth and ninth class lesson (dialogue & follow-on work)
Stefan Langhammer DE, Bart Vanmechelen (EN)

Thursday: School work on the fourteenth to sixteenth class lesson (dialogue & prior work)
Tom Scheffers DE, Rolf Heine EN

Friday: Fourteenth to sixteenth class lesson (freely rendered)
Dr Matthias Girke DE, Dr Michaela Glöckler EN

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