International Coordination
Anthroposophic Medicine
School of Spiritual Science
Medical Section at the Goetheanum

Motif of the day - keynote lectures

Sunday: Living warmth – four elements

  • The four elements in nature and the human being: experiences and collective view (Prof Dr Friedrich Edelhäuser)
  • Warmth as an element in the therapeutic relationship (Dr Marion Debus)


Monday: Living Light – four ethers

  • The four ethers from the perspective of natural science (Dr Johannes Weinzirl
  • Four ethers – perspectives and demonstration from eurythmy (Norman Kingeter)


Tuesday: Human soul! – stages of growing consciousness

  • Consciousness and pain medicine (Dr David McGavin)
  • Trauma, silent suffering (Victoria Martinez)
  • Understanding and curing chronic pain (Dr Matthias Girke)


Wednesday: The physiology of enthusiasm

  • The musical structure of the human being demonstrated with the second movement of Beethoven's Fifth Piano Concerto (Dr Armin Husemann with chamber music ensemble)


Thursday: Freedom – penetrating appearances

  • From appearance to being. Freedom in the age of Michael (Prof Dr Peter Heusser)
  • Esoteric courage – practising freedom to commit oneself (Bart Vanmechelen)


Friday: Love – overcoming violence

  • The human contribution to the becoming of love - from a medical and nursing view (Rolf Heine, Dr Lakshmi Prasanna)


Saturday: Wisdom – resurrection of substance

  • Death and resurrection in the laboratory and at the altar (Dr Wolfram Engel & Tomas Bonek)

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