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Dear representatives of Anthroposophic Medicine, dear friends,

despite the global (health) crisis with its great challenges and uncertainties, it has been decided that the World Conference “Crossing Bridges - Being Human”, which we have been preparing with great commitment for 3 years, will take place! All the uncertainties of recent months have ultimately meant that our will to celebrate this 100-year anniversary has only grown all the stronger. The importance of a humane approach to medicine for the present and the future has become increasingly obvious during this time!
Our world conference to mark the 100th anniversary of Anthroposophic Medicine will be held from September 12th to 20th, 2020 in Dornach. Due to travel restrictions it will unfortunately be difficult or impossible for many people to come to the Goetheanum in Switzerland at this time.
But we still want it to be a genuine world conference, because cooperation in such a world community will be very important for the future. In these extraordinary times we must therefore consciously take action to build community. So, we are turning to you with the question of whether we can jointly realize parallel conferences or small gatherings together all over the planet, also in your country?
We imagine that in addition to the Goetheanum there will be regional conferences in various places around the world that are spiritually related to each other, and that this will enable us to bridge the physical distance. It will not be without effect if we work on the same things at the same time and in this way approach the Raphaelic impulses of Anthroposophic Medicine together. Is it not possible for us to make a contribution towards transforming the Earth into more of a sun?
We want technology to help us do this: on the one hand, we will provide a video of the ceremony and a lecture on the guiding stars of Anthroposophic Medicine online, and on the other hand we can keep in touch with each other. The essential thing is that we build bridges together: to each other, to the spiritual world and to a desirable future!
What do you think: would this impulse for a regional conference attract interest? Can you think of anybody who would join in? Of course you can simply forward this email to colleagues of the medical movement in your country to see if the will to implement such an impulse lives in your community.
If you see the possibility of a regional conference or would like to suggest a contact person, just send a message to world@crossingbridges.LÖ which will directly reach the young preparation team of the Dornach conference, who will be happy to support you with further planning.
Further on in this email you will find basic ideas for how such a regional conference might be designed.
Initiatives can also be presented on posters at the Dornach conference. If you have such an initiative or would like to propose one, please contact initiative@crossingbridges.LÖ

With warm greetings from the Goetheanum,
for the Preparation Team, Anna Sophia Werthmann, Moniek van Duin, Elma Pressel, Iracema Benevides, Valentino Franzoi and Moritz Christoph


What would be some basic ideas for a regional conference?

  • Your conference could take place for example between September 18th and 20th, 2020. The video from the central ceremony could then be incorporated into the conference.
  • It could include the history of the development of Anthroposophic Medicine (the topic that will be addressed by Peter Selg, Michaela Glöckler, Georg Soldner and Matthias Girke in the above-mentioned video, in the languages Chinese, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish) and combine this with a review of what has been developing regionally.
  • We will also provide a video in English which takes a spiritual look at the impulses of Anthroposophic Medicine.
  • The content of your regional conference could be based on Rudolf Steiner’s “bridge lectures” (December 17–19, 1920), which are available in various languages and which will also serve as a basis for the conference in Dornach. Please write to us at book@crossingbridges.LÖ if you need a translation of this text into your local language. New editions of these lectures have been published by the Ita Wegman Verlag in English (ISBN 978-3-906947-43-3) and German (ISBN 978-3-906947-42-6) and translations are also available in French, Italian and Spanish. Translations into Russian and Chinese are in preparation.
  • We would also be happy to take part in a joint online plenary session on topics selected by you.
  • ​​​​​​​In addition, the regional conferences will create space for encounters, mutual deepening of understanding, and social interaction.


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